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White Masterbatches

White Masterbatches Manufacturer in Lahore

We produce white masterbatches for a wide range of applications, including lamination, extrusion coating, protective films, fibers and non-woven, and injection molding. Using our extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art production capabilities, we are able to produce high-quality white masterbatches that contain different outdoor and indoor TiO2 grades, sourced from the best producers in the world. By combining the right TiO2 grade, carrier resin, stabilizers and process equipment, we are able to provide the best quality masterbatch for each application. TiO2(rutile-type)application varies from 50% to 80%  up to customers requirement as an additive content in polymers. It is especially suited for the colouring of agricultural films where a high hiding power at a low let down ratio and additional dosage of UV-stabilizer is required. 

Surface Handling: Flexo & Gravure Printing

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